Delhi Man Kills Pregnant Wife For Not Making Round Chapatis!

All Indian girls are advised to learn how to make round chapatis to prove their excellence in kitchen after marriage. In fact, this is something every girl in the country can relate to, as the time she reaches the age of marriage, her mother and relatives start suggesting her to learn household chores, which also includes making round chapatis. Agree?

Well, a shocking and dreadful incident which recently took place in New Delhi will shake you to the core! A husband killed her pregnant wife just because her chapatis were not in a perfect round shape.

Yes, you read it right! A 22-yr lady named Simran, who was allegedly four months pregnant, was murdered by her husband for such a pathetic reason. It was on Saturday night that the heinous incident took place in Jahangirpuri, Northwest Delhi; however, people came to know about it the next morning. Brother of the deceased informed cops at about 4 am about his sister who was lying in her house in an unconscious state and her daughter (4) had been found locked up. However, the accused was not found anywhere. She was rushed to a hospital where doctors announced her brought dead.

As per Simran’s daughter, the couple used to fight on a regular basis and the reason was not-round chapatis. In her words,

“My mother was a good cook but the chapati shape angered my father.”

At about 10:30 pm on Saturday night, they once again had a fight and meanwhile, the accused kicked the deceased in her stomach. When the girl made an attempt of saving Simran, the man locked her up in a room. After some time, he strangled the woman.

For one year, Simran and the man were in a live-in relationship and subsequently, they got wed five years back. The man suffered losses in business and consequently, he was working in a factory for a couple of years.

Well, even though he was frustrated with his financial condition, he must have considered that a round chapati is not more important than his wife and their child. What do you have to say?