Nitish Kumar Resigns As Bihar CM! PM Modi Tweets In Support Of Him!

In a shocking move, Nitish Kumar, has resigned as the CM of Bihar. Basically, this move came as a strong response to corruption. Well, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son Tejashwi Yadav was caught in a corruption scandal; today, Lalu Yadav said that his son won’t quit his position in spite of being caught in corruption.

This is what made Nitish Kumar quit; he said,

“I did not ask for anyone’s resignation. but I told Tejashwi and Lalu that they must explain the charges publicly. The atmosphere had become such that it was impossible to work.”

Since Nitish Kumar couldn’t tolerate corruption anymore, he took the decision to resign. In simple words, he said, “My conscience told me to quit.”

This surprise move was announced by him in the MLA meeting that was held at his residence.

Nitish Kumar met Keshari Nath Tripathi, the governor of Bihar, at Raj Bhavan for handing over the resignation. There was a lot of political drama going on in Bihar and finally, it might end, as Nitish Kumar has put down his papers.

Even PM Modi has come out in support of him; check out what he tweeted;

It means, “I congratulate Nitish Kumar for joining the fight against corruption. 1.25 crore citizens are here to support you!”


This means, “For Bihar’s bright future, it is necessary to get beyond these political differences and stand up united against corruption. This is what the nation needs. “

Are we going to see something new in Bihar’s election? Does this tweet of PM Modi signifies that there can be BJP + JD alliance and Nitish Kumar can continue again as Bihar’s CM ? If we see total number of seats won by NDA+JD then it comes out to be 58+71 = 129 out of 243 seats which is again majority. What is going to happen in Bihar, only time will tell but this step of Nitish Kumar is surely worth an applaud!